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Forgiven, Forgotten, Forever Amen

Verse I

It's been such a long time yet the pain still remains
Your mistakes and your failures still bring you pain
You say to yourself, "If I could just turn back time"
I'd do it all different and I'd have peace of mind

Verse II

You see this matter was settled when you fell on your knees
And cried out to Jesus have mercy on me
He unlocked the shackles that held your soul fast
Your no longer a slave to the shame of your past


Cause they're forgiven, forgotten, forever amen
Our sins are gone He can't remember them
There's no nee to beg his forgiveness again and again
Cause our sins are forgiven, forgotten, forever amen


Forgiven, the blood covers all of our sins
Forgotten, He will never remember again
Forever, and always an endlessly
They're cast in the depths of the sea

Repeat Chorus

Words and Music by Mike Bowling and Ray Davis

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